We are constantly on the lookout for new, creative, volunteer participants at the Konzen.Lea
rn more about our work and our commitment to always giving everything.

As an actor, you do exactly what you want. Okay not quite. You have to stick to the specified text booklet. You will very likely have stage fright as well. But at the latest, when you hear the laughter of the spectators, you forgot that. That's what we promise you. Give it a try and prove to yourself that you have what it takes!

You are indirectly responsible for ensuring that the piece continues smoothly. At least if the actors forgot their lyrics. You have a well-audible voice and can get the actors on the hose back on track in the right context? Then Souffleuse is just right for you! Try it!

As a technician, you are responsible for the perfect light and a wonderful sound. You set the light in advance and, of course, you rehearse in the actors ' rehearsals. Especially with the children's theatre pieces, you take out all the actors with microphones and make sure that everyone is easy to understand. Try it!

Interested interest? Then contact us here and still make your inactive membership an active one today. We look forward to seeing you!